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The joy of transcription

By Mark Williams

It’s an interesting quirk of human nature that many people define themselves by what they do.  ‘I am a doctor,’ we say, rather than, ‘I heal people.’ Or, ‘I am a night-soil man,’ rather than,

Here comes the political conference season

By Andrew Trotter

It’s that time of year when the UK political parties begin revving up for their annual conferences. If you listen to the news you’ll

Verbatim transcription versus tidied-up transcription – which is best?

By Andrew Trotter

At the recent Yorkshire International Business

Transcription – Reducing the cost of company restructuring

By Andrew Trotter

Employment tribunals are on the increase and the

How transcription adds value to press conferences

By Andrew Trotter

Press conferences are vital to how organisations get their message across. The main object of a press conference is to deliver

Ensuring Audio Transcription quality

By Andrew Trotter

We’re used to dealing with audio transcriptions. Sometimes there are issues with recordings we receive but the skill of our

How much does it cost to transcribe a…?

By Andrew Trotter

Transcription is the perfect way to ensure that conversations, meetings, conferences, evidence, statements, videos,

Transcription from the Gunfight at the OK Corral

By Andrew Trotter

A transcript of one of the most famous events of the Wild West period in American history has been re-discovered – The

Transcribing for Davos 2010

By Andrew Trotter

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been appointed to provide transcription services for the prestigious World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos which starts on 27th January.

Transcribing the Afghanistan Conference

By Andrew Trotter

Today, 28th January 2010, we’re transcribing all the major speeches at the Afghanistan Conference in London. The speeches

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