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With the requirements defined for Lumesse and Global Lingo, the challenges were to:

  • Accurately capture the client’s corporate tone of voice and incorporate their stylistic and terminological preferences across all languages.
  • Provide an efficient means for the client’s in-country subject matter experts (SMEs) to review and approve translations, streamlining the process to save as much time
    as possible.
  • Provide a seamless end-to-end service, catering for all aspects of the project (translation, voiceover, desktop publishing, linguistic/functional
    testing and sign-off).
  • Ensure linguistic/terminological consistency across all module content, marketing and communication packs, and voiceover elements across
    the entire project, spanning six to twelve months.


The dedicated Global Lingo and Lumesse teams devised a detailed schedule, outlining key dates for project deliverables and indicating when input would be required by the client’s in-country SMEs. This clear overview meant that the SMEs knew exactly when their time was needed, allowing resources to be effectively scheduled.

Global Lingo carefully selected a core team of linguists, focussing on subject matter expertise and industry knowledge, as well as ensuring the teams were made up of linguists with an ability to remain committed to the project over its full duration. Doing this successfully meant that the same linguists were used across all modules and were able to learn the client’s stylistic preferences.

Important terminology was extracted at the start of the project and glossaries were created in all languages before being shared with the client’s in-country SMEs for comment and approval. The SMEs were also provided with sample translations in each language so that stylistic preferences could be highlighted. Taking these steps meant that Global Lingo could leverage and use the SMEs’ knowledge and expertise in an efficient manner for tailoring the localised material.

After the client selected the voice artists that they wished to use for the audio elements, the voiced scripts were translated and provided to the SMEs for feedback and approval. Obtaining sign-off prior to recording meant that no time was lost having to amend and re-record audio at a later date.

During the translation stages, Global Lingo utilised various tools to optimise the process, including an automated termbase tool to ensure adherence to the pre-approved glossaries, as well as translation memory to guarantee ongoing stylistic consistency and to generate cost savings for repetitions.

A full client review was catered for by providing the client with a simple bilingual table file in which to input linguistic preferences. Following review, the revised versions were directly updated to the translation memory. This sped-up the reviewing process, ensuring that client preferences were captured and used thereafter for each module while guaranteeing that the teams of linguists became more accustomed with the client ‘voice’ as each module was completed.

Once localised modules were rebuilt, a linguistic and functional sign-off stage was carried out, working through each module checking the translated text, visuals, all voiced elements and functionality. This was done directly within Lumesse’ CourseBuilder tool, using the built-in feedback functionality, which was quicker and more efficient.

The outcome

  • Localised, tested and functioning modules and marketing packs successfully delivered on schedule.
  • Fully tailored and consistent terminology and style throughout all material.
  • Ongoing cost savings through use of translation memory and leveraging repeated content.
  • Streamlined process and communication with the client, with Lumesse and Global Lingo teams working collaboratively.

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