Kadence International is one of the world’s leading marketing insight agencies, with offices in the USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China. Founded in 1992, Kadence works with some of the world’s largest brands, providing global coverage at a local level. Specialist researchers work with clients across a wide range of business markets to deliver insight and knowledge rather than just data. Through its global data collection centres Kadence International also offers fieldwork services, and has become the agency of choice for some of the world’s largest management consultancies and market research agencies.

Kadence International


Global Lingo has been working with Kadence International in Singapore for over a year. The partnership was formed when Kadence were facing quality and process issues around their existing localisation work for multi-country studies. They were looking for a global partner with a local office who offered a wide range of language services that could service both their quantitative and qualitative projects, with the focus being very much on quality and service delivery.


Global Lingo provided Kadence with a dedicated Singapore-based project manager and introduced translation memory benefits, as well as secondary proofreading as standard to ensure best quality.

We have now become a trusted language partner offering a wide range of language services which complement the day-to-day survey localisation work. These services include OE response back‑translations, single-stage and dual-stage foreign language transcription, English–English transcription and interpreting services for international focus groups.

During the partnership to date Global Lingo have supported Kadence on key projects, including:

  • The multi-lingual localisation of a survey for a 12-market study
  • Single-stage transcription working to very tight deadlines in order to understand focus group content
  • OE response translations enabling the coding of foreign respondents on a large international study.

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