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Transcripts for Public-Sector professionals

Our client had just staged a day-long conference on key issues in healthcare. After the event, our client needed a transcript for distribution via its website…
Read the rest of the Public Service case study here

Transcription for Marketing

After a conference on Private Finance Initiatives our client needed a transcript which captured all comments correctly and with speech rendered fluently…
Read the rest of the Marketing and PR case study here

Transcription for Legal professionals

A City law firm was overseeing an arbitration hearing between two parties in the IT sector. A transcript of the proceedings was required…
Read the rest of the Legal case study here

Medical and Pharmaceutical Transcription

Our client is a leading provider of Continuing Medical Education, and as such regularly covers conferences on the latest research in oncology, HIV treatment, etc…
Read the rest of the Pharmaceutical case study here

Specialist Financial Transcription

Our client, a leading FTSE 100 company, needed transcripts of regular analyst webcasts produced on an urgent deadline…
Read the rest of the Financial case study here

Specialist HR Transcription

A major grievance case had just been brought before our client, a Human Resources manager at a major FTSE 100 company. This would entail interviewing all the individuals involved or named in the grievance, and transcripts of all the interviews…
Read the rest of the HR Case Study here

Transcripts for events organisers

Our client stages frequent day-long conferences on key issues in finance, politics and law. After the events, our client needed transcripts for distribution via its website. The presentations and discussions had to be captured in full, with all comments correctly attributed to speakers…
Read the rest of the Events Organising case study here

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