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How to avoid duplicate content penalties on translated websites

By Richard Michie

Translated and localised websites can cause a lot of problems

Translation of HTML

By Mark Williams

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Yes, it is a language. Computer programmers use this language to create HTML documents, or webpages, which make up a website.

Legal Translations – Independent Linguists or Translation Agencies?

By Mark Williams

Legal translations are the core of multilingual

Legal firms making the most of international opportunities

By Jonny Bates

Our planet has become a much smaller place

What links Manchester United, tomato juice and Japan?

By Richard Michie

Football (or soccer for our American readers) is

Online shoppers are more likely to purchase from websites in their own language

By Richard Michie

If you think the internet is still predominantly in

Website Global Usability Testing – Case study

By Richard Michie

Global Lingo provided translations and other linguistic services to Pitmans LLP, a full service law firm based in the Thames

How much should you pay for project management for translation projects?

By Richard Michie

Horror stories abound about Project Management

Seth says – Hire an Architect

By Richard Michie

Seth Godin is one of my heroes. I just read a great post of his Hire an Architect. He eulogises about not creating the building blocks of a business but working to design one using the best skills you

Cameron in China and how to work with the Chinese

By Richard Michie

David Cameron, the UK’s Prime Minister, is currently on a visit to China. He’s there trying to increase trade with what is now one

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