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Why we care so much about translation quality

By Mark Williams

We all have heard multiple stories about mistranslations that let us enjoy the bright side of misinterpretation, cultural

Megan Fox – not vain, just mistranslated!

By Mark Williams

This week saw a quote from Megan Fox circulate the US press which made her look rather self admiring and a little conceited.

No more ‘chicken without sex life’ in Beijing

By Mark Williams

On my travels I visited China, where along with bewilderment at the sheer amount of people requesting photos with our

Google Translate and ‘****ing information’

By Mark Williams

A British couple recently wrote to The Sofia Echo to highlight offensive language used on a Bulgarian-language website,

Javier Bardem Misinterpreted

By Global Lingo

News from Global Lingo – Oscar-winning Spanish actor Javier Bardems words have been misinterpreted

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