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Localization, Localisation, Localization!

By Mark Williams

In business, like in life, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Whether you want to impress your future in-laws, or

How to avoid duplicate content penalties on translated websites

By Richard Michie

Translated and localised websites can cause a lot of problems

eBay understands the importance of languages

By Mark Williams

Consumers are more likely to make a purchase in their native language.

Selecting keywords for localisation of websites

By Mark Williams

Successful companies from all sorts of business fields find that localisation, mainly of their website, is now a critical aspect

Website Translation tips: Using flags to denote language versions

By Richard Michie

If you have a multilingual website, there’s a huge

Now you can pay for translations online

By Richard Michie

We’ve just upgraded our online quote system for translation, interpreting, transcription. It was due an overhaul and we think

Growth Through Localisation

By Richard Michie

Unlock the potential of web content localisation with the help of content localisation through efficient translation services offered by Global Lingo.

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