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An Englishman in Singapore

By Global Lingo

When I walked into Global Lingo’s London office for the first time in early January of this year, I had little inkling that, exactly eight months later to the day, I would be opening the door to my very own

Ukraine fights for its language

By Mark Williams

A celebration of international football and a fight for culture

The Pirahã people and their language

By Mark Williams

The publication of Daniel Everett’s new book Language: The Cultural Tool, has brought a recurring language debate once

Language of the World Cup 2010

By Global Lingo

Language on the terraces is sometimes difficult enough to work out when you move around the Premier League from West

The language of the Olympics

By Global Lingo

Yesterday, 10th Feb, I went to an event in Leeds organised by the London 2012 Games to encourage small firms to bid for

Going Global

By Global Lingo

Global Lingo has the in-country experience to avoid pitfalls of business translation. If you are looking to expand your business in international markets please feel free to get in touch with us to make the best use of our professional language translation services.

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