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Foreign languages and the British

By Mark Williams

English is considered the lingua franca of our era. Although native English speakers are about 5% of the world’s population

Language skills in the UK

By Mark Williams

The British Academy launched a report about the demand and supply of language skills in the UK in February 2013. Key findings of this report, Languages: The State of the Nation, include:

English language losing ground in the United States

By Mark Williams

Starting from around the year 1980, the English language began losing ground to other languages in the United States

Proof that translation will improve your export sales

By Global Lingo

A report published by the OECD warns that businesses without a language strategy risk losing contracts.

Why do the English need to speak a foreign language when foreigners all speak English?

By Global Lingo

Blimey, what a start! This is the headline from

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