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Protecting the Environment

How Green is Your Language Service?

The environment is something we take very seriously. So seriously in fact, that we are accredited with ISO 14001 for Environmental Management!

A truly paperless office

We have as near as possible paperless offices at all our sites around the world. All our team have laptop computers and communicate using phone, email and internet.  All our systems are available securely available via the internet which means that our staff can be anywhere where an internet connection is available and have access to the same systems as they would in the office.

All our staff are also equipped with internet access via their mobile phones to ensure that even if they are travelling they can communicate with you and the rest of the team.

Internet Meetings and Demonstrations

To save on fuel consumption and cut carbon emissions, wherever possible we hold meetings over the internet. The internet technology we use means that you can see exactly what’s on our computers. It’s a great way to let you know all about us or demonstrate our web services. The internet meetings also allow us to have meetings with people who may be in different parts of the world, without the need for air travel.

Ethically responsible travel

Where a face-to-face meeting is essential we endeavour to use the most ethically transport options available. So for visits to our clients based in London we utilise either the Tube or the bus services.

Re-cycling Points in Every Office

Each office has separate re-cycling bins for paper and plastic to ensure that there is no excuse for not re-cycling. All printer toners are also re-cycled

Carbon Neutral Future

In the coming years we’ll be making strides to become as carbon neutral as possible and minimise our impact on the world.

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