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Transcription for Public-Sector Professionals

Our client had just staged a day-long conference on key issues in healthcare. After the event, our client needed a transcript for distribution via its website. The presentations and discussions had to be captured in full, with all comments correctly attributed to speakers, with no typographical errors and with speech rendered fluently. Global Lingo was able to achieve this, producing a transcript ready to be published online on delivery that reflected our client’s high standards.

Summaries for Public-Sector Professionals

Our client, a public-sector body, needed a more efficient solution for minuting its board meetings. Previously, a secretary had sat in on the meetings and taken notes. However, this had put a tremendous strain on the secretary and it had taken weeks to prepare the minutes. Global Lingo was able to provide a professional minute-taker, returning the polished and accurate minutes to a much tighter deadline. Our client was so impressed with this service that we were recommended to the body’s HR department as well for the provision of professional minutes.

Translation for Public-Sector Professionals

Our client, a think tank based in London, wished to put out a series of press releases in Moscow ahead of publishing a report on the political environment there. Drafted in English in London, our client approached Global Lingo to translate these into Russian. Importantly, they had to be written stylishly and fluently. This meant that idioms had to be translated appropriately and that references had to be localised. With a translator presence across the world, this was not a problem for Global Lingo. We sourced the appropriate translator and guided our client through the intricacies of translating with a contemporary tone.

Interpreting for NGOs

Our client, a non‑governmental organisation operating in politically turbulent areas, had brought together three civic leaders from troubled regions. As one of the leaders did not have any languages in common with the others, our client contacted us for an interpreter. Due to the sensitive nature of the discussions, a professional yet personable interpreter was required. Using our extensive database of interpreters, we were able to identify the most appropriate individual for the assignment.

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Vendor Summer Newsletter

The Global Lingo Linguist Management Team is happy to release the fourth edition of the Linguist Newsletter. This issue introduces more of our team and focuses on Localisation Engineering and Minute-Taking Click here to view the Summer edition of the Linguist Newsletter.