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EWC (European Works Council) meetings bring together speakers of many different languages to negotiate collectively. Therefore, every participant must be able to communicate to all the others, as well as understand them. We have the experience necessary in order to work with you for a smooth meeting, where communication is seamless to and from every language.

EWC transcription services

Our professional EWC Transcription services condense the meeting into an easy-to-read document for distribution to delegates and constituents. Thanks to our writers’ experience of European Works Council meetings, every substantive point will be captured in a stylish and accessible format.

If you require a complete transcript of the meeting, one of our writers can attend the event to ensure that every comment is captured and correctly attributed to delegates. As transcription is one of our core services, rather than an adjunct to translation, quality is guaranteed.

EWC translation services

In preparation for the meeting, Global Lingo will translate all of the materials to be presented or disseminated. This can include PowerPoint slides, annual reports or simply the agenda and logistical arrangements. Our translators are well versed in the language of industrial relations and management; they also keep up to date with the latest developments and trends in outsourcing, restructuring and other contentious labour issues. After the meeting, Global Lingo also provides translations of the minutes, agreements and communiqu├ęs.

Interpreting for your EWC

Depending on your needs, we will offer either simultaneous interpretation (for large meetings where several languages need interpreting) or consecutive interpretation (for smaller meetings where only one participant needs support). If simultaneous interpretation is appropriate we will also provide booths for the interpreters and all the necessary audiovisual equipment.

We offer a truly end-to-end service to meet the requirements of every European Works Council. As we oversee the entire project right from translating the European Works Council’s constitution, we ensure consistency at every meeting.

Global Lingo’s track record

Our EWC clients – including Reed Elsevier, GKN plc and the Cookson Group – return to us year on year because of our commitment to meeting their every need in a cost competitive fashion without ever sacrificing quality.

Confidentiality is guaranteed

The strictest client confidentiality is one of our mantras. As well as the standard confidentiality agreements into which all of our transcribers are tied, we are happy to commit to any additional requirements you might have.

For more details on European Works Councils and how they may affect your business visit the Europe Trade Union Confederation’s website.

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