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Global Lingo’s commitment to innovation differentiates us from the frequently stagnant translation and transcription markets. Below are examples of some of the products we have developed to serve you better.

Global Lingo Personnel Relations Services

Designed for Human Resources professionals, this variation of our reporting service allows you to concentrate on your core business. We can note in a comprehensive and clear way the content of any HR meeting – disciplinary, grievance and fact finding to name but a few – so that you don’t have to.

When you have to minute such sensitive discussions yourself, it distracts you, does not put anyone at ease, and adds to your workload after the meeting. The true value of our documents becomes manifest at the appeal stage, when case histories have to be transferred to new panels. Global Lingo’s record of your meeting will present all the facts and opinions expressed impartially and promptly.

Global Lingo Live

When a time delay will cost you money, you need information live. Our global team guarantees coverage of the most distant event while our tech savvy guarantees a solution to the most challenging situation. By the time you head home from your meeting, our onsite writer will hand you a printed summary of the discussion.

By the time the closing AV rolls at your conference, our networked community will have sent you a transcript for immediate distribution. Whatever the language, whatever the location, Global Lingo will ensure that you never miss a second.

Global Lingo Connected

We specialise in the production of interactive multimedia documents. With PowerPoint presentations and webcasts staples of corporate communication, the words are often only half the story. There won’t be any need to read between the lines of our documents.

Global Lingo Secure Solutions

While all our documents are kept strictly confidential, sometimes extra peace of mind is called for. We can provide secure ftp space for audio, password protect files and encrypt emails. We fully appreciate the sensitive nature of our clients’ information and ensure that it is respected.

Global Lingo Folio

Ideal for the most prestigious events, Global Lingo will professionally print and bind your document.

Exacting business standards

We hold ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards which we see as vital to our commitment to quality at every level of the business.

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Vendor Summer Newsletter

The Global Lingo Linguist Management Team is happy to release the fourth edition of the Linguist Newsletter. This issue introduces more of our team and focuses on Localisation Engineering and Minute-Taking Click here to view the Summer edition of the Linguist Newsletter.