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Global Lingo’s focus on understanding each client’s requirement and delivering high quality transcription every time is what elevates them above competitive offerings. With a highly qualified team of internal writers and editors, Global Lingo has built an industry‑respected transcription offering.

Why do companies choose Global Lingo?

  • Combination of an experienced core internal team with external Global Lingo‑tested and certified professional writers, located in multiple time zones
  • The ability to cope with high volumes and quick turnarounds in both English and non-English languages – without a negative impact on quality!
  • Depth of employee experience handling transcription and minute‑taking for many of the world’s most respected global financial, legal and public institutions
  • Familiarity with the transcription of financial results, investor presentations, CEO webcasts and journalist briefings
  • Confidence in the protection of confidential client data with exchange of audio files via Global Lingo’s secure password‑protected upload site.

What do we offer?

Global Lingo is committed to excellence in service delivery! Our team have undergraduate and post‑graduate language degrees, and are highly proficient at ensuring that every single detail of your document is perfect. Adherence to our company values means our writers and editors produce documents that are accurate, concise and fluent, and delivered on time.

Whether it be verbatim or tidied transcription, we ensure the following:

  • Attributing speakers correctly
  • Ensuring the transcript is grammatically correct and typo free
  • Researching and clarifying any acronyms or technical language
  • Formatting the document to match your requirements.

Our Professional Writing Services team are proven specialists in transcription, with 80,000+ hours of meeting and event content delivered for HR meetings, formal presentations, interviews, conference calls, webcasts, PR videos or even highly sensitive political transcripts. We can deliver in as little as four hours!

We capture the details of your meetings and events in several ways:

  • Attending in person, no matter where in the world it is held
  • Attending remotely by phone or internet connection
  • Via an audio or video recording of the proceedings.

The experience of our team in a wide range of business sectors means we understand industry terminology, from legal to medical to financial, and our dedicated project managers will take the time to understand your specific requirements and guide you through the process.

A number of respected organisations use Global Lingo for transcription and minute-taking, including BNP Paribas, the Financial Times, Gazprom, HSBC, Intercall, Mishcon de Reya, Standard Chartered, the United Nations and the World Food Programme, together with several international governments.

Supporting services

In addition to providing transcription services, Global Lingo also specialises in the creation of precise, fluent and clear translation that is more than just a literal word‑for‑word translation. We match the tone and context of the original piece in the target language, helping businesses and individuals operate effectively in a global world.

Global Lingo has a database of certified interpreters, offering simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting. To maintain the highest of standards we ensure that every candidate applying to be a Global Lingo interpreter has an up-to-date certificate from an official language organisation in their native country. We also test for competency and fluency in their business languages, one of which must be their native tongue.

Verbatim and tidied transcription

Verbatim transcription catches every word, pause and verbal stumble a speaker may make. It is perfect for grasping the true context of a keynote speech at an event or conference. The words are written exactly as spoken, with the only omissions being ‘mm’s, ‘ah’s, and ‘mm-hmm’s.

Tidied-up transcription removes all of those stumbles and pauses that occur naturally when people are speaking. A tidied-up transcription gets to the core of the speaker’s points at your event and conveys the details accurately, while omitting redundancies and editing out obvious mistakes.

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