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Generating revenue from video transcription

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The Guardian carries a report today on video transcription.  Global Lingo has been looking into providing transcripts of online video and audio for a while now, and is delighted to report positive trends in the area.

While most people initially look into technological solutions like speech-to-text processing, they quickly become disillusioned.  Accuracy is improving for straightforward transcripts of things like Barack Obama’s speeches, but most programs still have problems punctuating in a way that renders long tracts of text readable.  Obviously there are still far more significant difficulties handling multiple speakers and poorer feeds.  This naturally isn’t so much of a problem if all that is needed is metadata for SEO, but it limits the uses to which a good transcript can be put.

For such reasons, Global Lingo is more interested in the transcription of interviews and larger meetings (in any case, speeches are normally accompanied by a pre-prepared script and are more single issue, making them easier to index).  Some of Global Lingo’s media and publishing clients use these transcripts as the basis for print features to accompany video or audio web features, while corporate clients simply use them to help edit videos for internal communications.

If you would like to find out more about the options for video transcription, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Global Lingo team today.

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