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How much value can be added by subtracting content? It’s a factor of your requirements. The summary is our tightest service, ideal for press releases, briefs, internet publication, and so much more. Rather than force your document into a page-defined box it doesn’t want to be in, we will identify what you need and deliver it unfailingly.

Professionally written minutes

Our summaries might perhaps be best described as professionally written minutes. The differences between minutes produced professionally and those produced internally are efficiency and quality. Our summaries are efficient because minutes take time to write up, time that your people do not have. Our rigorous quality assurance takes care of the rest.

For examples, please look at these two sample summaries:

As we hope you will see, Global Lingo will ensure that your meeting is recorded concisely in writing to the highest levels of elegance. You value the information contained in your meeting and so do we.

To produce summaries of this quality, you need specialised knowledge. That is why our writers are well versed in their sectors. Our selection process first ensures that all our writers are highly educated with a broad awareness of current events.

We then develop our writers within a speciality, furnishing them with copious background material on a client and industry. Due to the breadth of our client base in any one sector, our writers are quickly able to understand high-level discussion points at any new client’s meeting because of their experience of similar clients.

High quality writers

Our writers are first trained to write coherently, then trained to write concisely. Finally, we ensure that our writers have equal measures of experience in the client’s industry and report writing.

Combined, this means that our writers have a researched familiarity with both lucid writing and the instant identification of key points. Because all our summary writers are also trained transcribers, they are rehearsed in providing full documents and never exclude material arbitrarily.

Exacting business standards

We hold the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard which we see as vital to our commitment to quality at every level of the business.

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