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Marketing and PR professionals are trusted to convey their clients’ messages clearly and succinctly. From the beginning of the creative process this will involve countless client meetings where campaign details and strategy are ironed out.

Agency teams need to spend all their energy debating the details, not ensuring they noted every utterance. This is where our Minute-taking for Marketing and PR services comes in. Your team can ensure the communication has a positive ROI while our minute-takers will ensure that the dreaded contact report is produced quickly and accurately.

Conference Minute-taking Services

A wealth of material can be gleaned from meetings with the right people. It would be a shame to lose these nuggets of insight and wisdom by relying on scribbled notes and memory. Whether you are interviewing a high-profile personality or conducting a blue-chip roundtable, our accurate and fluent documents will make your life a lot easier.

Webcast and Conference-Call Minute-taking

Communication is quicker and easier than ever, and we are delighted to meet the standards necessitated by the latest technological trends. If your role is to facilitate communication, let us facilitate your client service.

Minute-taking for Marketing Professionals

A successful product launch is the joyful culmination of months or years of careful preparation. Presentation on the day, however, can never be discounted. Accurate and tailored information needs to be distributed; errors and poor aesthetics can embarrass all concerned. We are committed to elegant and precise written communication.

Case studies and testimonials for marketing and PR

Don’t just take our word for how good our minute-taking services are and how they can benefit you and your organisation. Here are our Marketing and PR case studies and testimonials.

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Vendor Spring Newsletter

The Global Lingo Vendor Management Team is happy to release the third edition of the Vendor Newsletter. This issue introduces more of our team and is mostly focused on how to improve efficiency as a translator and transcriber. Click here to view the Spring edition of the Vendor Newsletter