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Why use professional Minute‑taking Services?

Simple: everyone hates taking minutes! At each meeting someone is nominated to take the minutes, and to ensure that the minutes make sense in relation to the last meeting, it’s usually the same person each time.

To whom do you give this task? If it’s an experienced member of staff, taking the minutes prevents them from contributing to the meeting. If it’s a junior member, they would have other tasks they could be doing and they probably won’t give the job in hand their full attention.

So, either your staff or your minutes from the meeting suffer. Overall your business suffers from not using your staff for the jobs they were trained to do.

Let our professional minute-takers take the strain

Minutes have to be accurate, appropriately detailed and available soon after the meeting. Global Lingo’s professional Minute-taking services ensures that this happens every time. Experts in their fields, our minute-takers guarantee a high-quality product, while document turnaround is significantly quicker than using in-house staff.  Using a professional minute-taker from Global Lingo also ensures that your minutes are impartial and confidential, while freeing meeting attendees to concentrate on the business at hand.

How do I arrange for a professional minute-taker to attend my meeting?

  • Contact us. One of our dedicated account managers will determine the appropriate service for you and confirm all the details.
  • One of Global Lingo’s professional minute-takers will attend your meeting to ensure an accurate document.
  • The accurate and fluent minutes will be sent to you as quickly as you need them.

A commitment to excellence

Global Lingo’s process is straightforward: our professional minutes are produced to your satisfaction first time and delivered on time, even if same-day turnaround is needed.

Our professional Minute-taking services are consistently excellent:

  • Our minute takers intuitively understand your requirements.
  • The minutes will be comprehensive but concise, accurate but fluent.
  • There will be no grammatical mistakes.
  • The spelling of all names and terms will be correct.
  • We do not guess abbreviations and acronyms; they will be right.
  • Our experience means we understand industry-specific terminology, from medical to financial.

Security is of prime importance to Global Lingo

Our clients require high levels of security, both in terms of data and the discretion of our employees. We take this very seriously too; we are known for our high-quality language services and we intend to keep that reputation.

For this reason we have taken the decision that all our full-time team members will be CRB and credit checked every 12 months and that strict IT security guidelines are followed at all times for all our clients.

This means that no matter what the project you can rest assured that your information is safe with Global Lingo.

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