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Medical Conference Transcription – Case Study-old

The issue

Our client is a public-sector healthcare organisation that organised a three-day conference of international experts to discuss the improvement of health and the quality and safety of health care.

The presentations and discussions contained specific medical language as well as fast-paced debate. Our client needed accurate verbatim transcriptions as well as summaries of all the proceedings so that the outcomes and findings of the discussions could be published.

In total the three days of the conference had produced over 24 hours of recorded group discussions.

How we solved it

The client required a comprehensive report of the conference, so our transcripts needed to be completely accurate and written to publication standard. This was of course not easy, due to overlapping conversations and very academic content (covering, for example, everything from Kuhn’s work to the philosophy of validity).

Nevertheless, Global Lingo’s experienced transcription team was able to ensure that every word was faithful to the discussion.

Fast transcription

Most transcription companies would take months to get through so much audio, but because of the way we planned and executed the project we were able to return the fully proofread transcripts within a week.

Publication ready transcriptions

And because they were of such high quality, they were ready for immediate distribution and publication. All this helped our client achieve their aims far more quickly and smoothly than they had hoped.

Quality standards

Perhaps more importantly for Global Lingo as a business, this huge project was accomplished with no interruption to our other clients. Thanks to a dedicated team working to rigorous ISO:9001 standards, we were also able to undertake several other major projects in the same week.

Not the least of these was our coverage of a major oncology conference in America, for which we transcribed over 10 hours’ worth of expert discussions on the latest cancer drugs. We guaranteed that each transcript was completed within 24 hours, no matter its length or complexity (especially regarding drugs just out of clinical development, such as crizotinib or cabazitaxel).

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