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PowerPoint translation case study for Blenheim Palace

The marketing team at Blenheim Palace, one of the UK’s most famous tourist attractions needed PowerPoint presentations to show their visitors from China and Japan. We helped them translate these documents as well as providing branded USB sticks for the delegates to take home with them.

Read the full Blenheim Palace translation case study here.

Marketing Transcription

Our client had just staged a day-long conference on key issues in Private Finance Initiatives. After the event, our client needed a transcript for distribution via its website. The presentations and discussions had to be captured in full, with all comments correctly attributed to speakers, with no typographical errors and with speech rendered fluently. Global Lingo was able to achieve this, producing a transcript ready to be published online on delivery that reflected our client’s high standards.

Marketing Summaries

Our client had just staged a day-long conference on healthcare in the European Union and needed a written report for publication. The document had to be written with verve without losing any of the interesting points raised at the conference. Global Lingo was able to achieve this, producing a report ready to be published on delivery. The presentations were rendered concisely and the essence of the discussions was captured stylishly.

Translation for PR

Our client wished to put out a series of press releases in Cairo. Crafted in English, our client required translation into Arabic. The Brief required that they had to be written stylishly and fluently. This meant that turn of phrase had to be translated appropriately and references localised. We sourced a skilled PR translator who guided our client through the intricacies of translating with a contemporary tone and delivered documents which perfectly matched the agency’s brief.

Website Translation

Our client, an internet gaming site, sought a partner with the expertise and size to translate rapidly updated content. Global Lingo was able to dedicate a project team to this client, ensuring coverage around the clock to any demands. Furthermore, we were able to source translators with experience of gambling terminology to ensure that all translations were accurate and culturally appropriate.

Interpreting for PR Professionals

Our client, a London strategic-communications agency, was acting on behalf of a Russian individual wishing to raise his profile in the UK. As part of the initial discussions, the Russian individual travelled to London for a series of meetings. As his English was limited, our client contacted us for an interpreter. The meetings were ongoing, so we were able to provide the same interpreter to attend each one. This was particularly important due to the sensitive nature of the discussions. The subject matter related specifically to the Russian political environment, but we were also able to ensure that our interpreter had several years’ experience in the area.

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