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Sometimes your requirements are such that on-site interpreters either aren’t necessary or suitable. Whether you are holding a multi-lingual conference call, an interview or have an absentee from a conference, telephone interpreting may be the answer.

Instant telephone interpreting services

This amazing service gives you instant access to interpreters for over 140 languages 24 hours a day all year round, so there’s no waiting around for interpreters.

Plus you’ll only pay for the exact time you are on the call cutting out travel costs and minimum charges. We don’t even charge for set-up or maintenance of your line, we just issue you a PIN and you use it as much or little as you like.

Of course we provide all the usual support you’d expect from Global Lingo. As well as PDF charts which will help you and your staff to select the right language quickly and ensure you have all the information available to ensure the telephone interpreting service runs smoothly.

This service perfectly suits local councils, government departments, police, prison and probation services because they need interpreters quickly, often and sometimes in languages which are difficult to source.

How do I begin using the telephone interpreting service?

Setting up our telephone interpreting service could not be simpler. We will send you a number to call, and you and any other participants simply dial in with no set-up fees or subscription charges. The call is secured with PIN protection, and your interpreter will be waiting for you when you dial in. If you have any special requirements regarding the interpreter, you just have to let us know in advance. Once you have finished the call, hang up and that’s it.

To set up your Telephone Interpreting service call +44 (0)207 870 7100 or

Instant telephone interpreting features

  • No set up or subscription charges
  • Only pay when you use the service
  • No minimum charges
  • We bill by the second, so no rounding up of the call time – if you call for 5.42 minutes we only charge you for that, not 6 minutes.
  • Most calls connected to the interpreter in less than a minute

High quality interpretation

All our interpreters are highly qualified and rigorously screened so that you can be sure we provide only the highest quality and accurate interpreting. Our Telephone Interpreting Services is controlled using the ISO9001:2008 standard.

Supporting translation services

Global Lingo also offer professional translation services which perfectly compliment and support our interpreting services.

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