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Court interpreters interpret for people before the courts who cannot communicate effectively in English. These include defendants and witnesses in criminal courts as well as litigants and witnesses in family and civil courts. Interpreters also work in out-of-court settings such as solicitor-client meetings, depositions, witness-preparation sessions, and interviews with court-support personnel (e.g. probation officers).

High quality court interpreting services

The interpreter’s job is to interpret absolutely everything that is said, preserving the tone and level of the original language, adding and deleting nothing. Their job is especially important as any errors in their communication could mean the difference between someone being sentenced or acquitted! Global Lingo also provides a back-translation service to check the validity of a previously interpreted court case.

Interpretation is usually in one of two modes, depending on the circumstances: simultaneous or consecutive. Trained interpreters use the same grammatical person as the speaker for whom they are interpreting, i.e. they too will speak in the first person, rather than interpreting into the third person.

Exacting business standards

We hold ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards which we see as vital to our commitment to quality at every level of the business.

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