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The information that you require translating will not always be written down. That is why Global Lingo is happy to offer combined foreign-language interpretation, transcription and translation. Just let us know your needs!

The Process

  • Interpretation: first, our expert interpreters will render the speech or discussion into the desired language.
  • Transcription: second, we turn these spoken words into a written document. This can be a verbatim transcript or something more summarised, depending on your requirements.
  • Translation: third, the text can then be translated into any other required language. By leveraging our international network to ensure that the same person can transcribe and translate your recording, we help keep your costs down while providing a higher-quality, smoother and quicker service.

Summary Services

As with our English-language business, Global Lingo is proud to be a market leader in the provision of language-summary services. We recognise that a fully verbatim transcript and translation may not be the most efficient solution for you, so our adept and experienced professionals can offer a more concise document. With a track record of success serving blue-chip clients, you can trust that we will get it right first time.

How our clients use this transcription and translation:

  • To share legal depositions and interviews across national jurisdictions
  • To communicate investor-relations meetings to overseas institutions
  • To distribute board minutes among global stakeholders
  • To complement visual media for worldwide audiences

Cost Structure

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We charge one flat hourly fee for the audio transcription and then our standard rate for translation. Although the word count of the transcription and translation will depend on the source language and speed of speech, we always commit to a price per hour of audio and 1,000 words of text so you know what to expect.

Technical Details

For your own convenience, we suggest uploading an MP3 file directly to our ftp site. We can work from any other audio source, though, and we are always available to discuss any technical issues with you.

How can we help you?

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Vendor Spring Newsletter

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Vendor Spring Newsletter

The Global Lingo Vendor Management Team is happy to release the third edition of the Vendor Newsletter. This issue introduces more of our team and is mostly focused on how to improve efficiency as a translator and transcriber. Click here to view the Spring edition of the Vendor Newsletter