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Global Lingo’s interpreting services are high quality and competitively priced, and through our extensive network of interpreters we cover all business sectors, from IT to medical. We offer interpreting services from our UK offices, Singapore and Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

Professional interpreting services you can rely on

We can provide you with everything you need to ensure your event is a success, including:

  • Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation
  • Assistance with venue selection
  • Translation of conference material such as PowerPoint slides
  • Supply and setup of all necessary equipment
  • On-site technicians and project managers for conference facilitation
  • Advice on cross-cultural differences and issues
  • Transcription or summary of proceedings.

Professional support and advice

Reflective of our company values, Global Lingo’s project managers are flexible, innovative and dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. With a single point of contact we will help you understand the different types of interpreting and recommend the most appropriate option from the following:

  • Simultaneous interpreting (for large meetings requiring support in multiple languages)
  • Consecutive interpreting (for smaller meetings requiring support between two languages)
  • Whispered interpreting (for individuals who need personalised support).

Rigorous interpreter selection

Global Lingo has a database of certified interpreters. To maintain the highest of standards we ensure that every candidate applying to be a Global Lingo interpreter has an up-to-date certificate from an official language organisation in their native country. We also test for competency and fluency in their business languages, one of which must be their native tongue.

Supporting services

In addition to providing interpreting services, Global Lingo also specialises in the creation of precise, fluent and clear translation that is more than just a literal word‑for‑word translation. We match the tone and context of the original piece in the target language, helping businesses and individuals operate effectively in a global world.

As a trusted partner to companies in a diverse range of sectors, we also support human resources departments for disciplinary hearings and grievance issues. We employ professional writers and editors for transcription and minute-taking, and also regularly provide both remote and on-site minute-takers for board meetings and other significant corporate events.

Vendor Spring Newsletter

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Vendor Spring Newsletter

The Global Lingo Vendor Management Team is happy to release the third edition of the Vendor Newsletter. This issue introduces more of our team and is mostly focused on how to improve efficiency as a translator and transcriber. Click here to view the Spring edition of the Vendor Newsletter

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