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Public Sector, Interpreting for NGOs

Our client had brought together three civic leaders from troubled regions. One of the leaders did not have any languages in common with the others…
Read the rest of the Public Service Case Study here

Interpreting for PR Professionals

A London strategic-communications agency was acting on behalf of a Russian individual, wishing to raise his profile in the UK, who required an interpreter…
Read the rest of the Marketing and PR Case Study here

Interpreting for Legal Professionals

A City law firm was acting on behalf of a UK-based company in negotiation with a plant in Germany. As part of the negotiations, a German lawyer travelled to London for a series of meetings…
Read the rest of the Legal Case Study here

Pharmaceutical Interpretation

A multinational pharmaceutical company was holding a European advisory board on the development of a new drug. However, one of the attending doctors did not speak fluent English and so required assistance…
Read the rest of the Pharmaceutical Case Study here

Interpreting for Financial Professionals

An investment bank was advising on the acquisition of a Romanian company by a London-based company. As part of the negotiations and due-diligence protocols, a Romanian executive of the target firm travelled to London for a series of meetings…
Read the rest of the Financial Case Study here

Interpreting for HR Professionals

When a Human Resources manager was trying to organise the first meeting of a European Works Council, she approached us for support. She was so impressed by our service that she retained us after the first meeting to cover each of the ongoing EWC meetings…
Read the rest of the HR Case Study here

Conference Interpreting

An events-management company approached us to support an international IT symposium being staged in Madrid which would require interpreting into five different languages…
Read the rest of the Events Organising Case Study here

British Sign Language

When a design studio, acting on behalf of a museum, approached us for a BSL interpreter to work on a series of video installations for a new exhibition, we were delighted to help. We provided an interpreter who had both an interest in the subject of the exhibition and who had years of experience interpreting BSL on camera. With our reliable and quick service, our client could focus their expertise on the design project.

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