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Transcripts and Summaries facts and questions

Using transcription and summary services can be daunting even if you’ve been working with them for a long time. To help you out a little we’ve put together a collection of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question in any of our guides or you’d just like to speak to a human please call us on +44 (0) 20 7870 7100.

Why is it important to have a record of a meeting?

The reasons for recording a meeting are as varied as the reasons for having the meeting in the first place. Functional reasons for recording meetings range from knowledge sharing internally or externally to indemnifying yourself against the consequences of misrepresented meetings. The reason for using Global Lingo to record that meeting is that we ensure it is recorded to the highest levels of elegance and accuracy. You value the information contained in your meeting and so do we.

How do you price your transcripts and summaries?

The most important element of our pricing policy is the metric: we charge clients and pay writers by the meeting hour. First, this means that the total cost to you will be transparent as soon as the meeting ends. Second, this means that there is no incentive for our writers to produce incomprehensible and expensive documents for you because they are paid per word and so include every ‘um’ and ‘er’. Third, this means that there is no incentive for our writers to work slowly because they are paid per hour of their time. Stenographers are renowned for demanding a day rate for an hour’s work.

Who do you transcribe for?

We transcribe for some of the world’s largest organisations on a wide range of industries and subjects.

What is the difference between your summaries and standard minutes written by someone in-house?

The differences are efficiency and quality. Our summaries are efficient because minutes take time to write up, time that your people do not have. Our rigorous quality assurance takes care of the rest. Using in‑house staff to take minutes always presents problems. Those senior enough to have a command of the discussion rarely have the time to devote to minutes; those junior enough to have the time rarely have the command of the topic to be able to produce comprehensive minutes. Global Lingo is the solution.

How is one of your writers qualified to provide a summary of our technical meeting? Surely to summarise you need a specialised knowledge of the subject matter?

You do indeed need specialised knowledge. That is why our writers are well versed in their sectors. Our selection process first ensures that all our writers are highly educated with a broad awareness of current events. We then develop our writers within a speciality, furnishing them with copious background material on a client and industry. Due to the breadth of our client base in any one sector, our writers are quickly able to understand high‑level discussion points at any new client’s meeting because of their experience of similar clients.

How can your writers gain access to our competitors’ events in order to provide an account of proceedings?

Don’t worry, Global Lingo does not break any domestic or international laws when offering this service; we’re not tapping phones! We are merely providing a simple service enabling organisations to compare themselves with other organisations, allowing them to make informed decisions. Our writers don’t tend to go to your competitors’ events unless it is completely allowed. The most common way we access information is by listening to conference calls and webcasts. For example, you may want us to provide you with a transcript from your competitor’s Q3 earnings results.

Provided they are a Public Limited Company, this is public information available to anyone who knows how to access it.

How do you train your writers to summarise?

First, we train them to write coherently. Second, we train them to write concisely. Third, we ensure that our writers have equal measures of experience in the client’s industry and summary writing. Combined, this means that our writers have a researched familiarity with both lucid writing and the instant identification of key points. Because all our summary writers are also trained transcribers, they are rehearsed in providing full documents and never exclude material arbitrarily.

How is the document itself produced? Do you need specialist equipment?

Our basic tools are a laptop, the internet, and a recording device, all of which we provide at no surcharge. Our writers work principally from the recording of the meeting, using the internet to research names and terms. When the writer’s work is done, an editor then verifies the document’s accuracy and fluency before it is sent to the client.

What do you need from us in order to write the document?

All that we need is a recording of your meeting, either from you directly or from one of our writers onsite at your event. Of course, that isn’t to say that any additional information from you about names or terms wouldn’t be appreciated!

What is the best format for audio we send to you? How do I get it over to your writers?

For your own convenience, we suggest uploading an MP3 file directly to our ftp site. We can work from any other audio source, though, and we are always available to discuss any technical issues with you.

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