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Specialist Financial Transcription

Our client, a leading FTSE 100 company, needed transcripts of regular analyst webcasts produced on an urgent deadline. Importantly, our client valued accuracy in the transcript as much as a quick turnaround. With our vast network of skilled transcribers, Global Lingo was able to deliver these transcripts soon after the end of the webcast without any detriment to quality.

Summaries for Finance Professionals

Our client had just staged a day-long conference on insurance practices and needed a written report for publication. The document had to be written with verve without losing any of the interesting points raised at the conference. Global Lingo was able to achieve this, producing a report ready to be published on delivery. The presentations were rendered concisely and the essence of the discussions was captured stylishly.

Translation for Finance Professionals

Our client, a leading investment bank, was advising a French firm during a merger. Several contracts were produced, all continually revised by the parties. These contracts and the amendments had to be translated between French and English on a very tight timescale and respecting the strictest confidentiality. For Global Lingo, this was not a problem. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and our account managers and project managers made themselves available out of office hours to respond to the latest changes.

Interpreting for Financial Professionals

Our client, an investment bank, was advising on the acquisition of a Romanian company by a London-based company. As part of the negotiations and due-diligence protocols, a Romanian executive of the target firm traveled to London for a series of meetings. As the Romanian executive spoke no English, our client contacted us for an interpreter. The meetings were ongoing, so we were able to provide the same interpreter to attend each one. This was particularly important due to the confidential nature of the discussions. The particular industry involved was quite technical, but we were also able to ensure that our interpreter had several years’ experience in the subject matter.

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Vendor Summer Newsletter

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