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Case Study: Special Negotiating Body and European Works Council

When a UK PLC was in the process of establishing a framework agreement to institute a European Works Council, it approached us for support. The client was so impressed by our service that it retained us after the first SNB meeting to cover each of its ongoing EWC meetings.


Before the first meeting of the SNB, Global Lingo translated the management’s PowerPoint slides into eight languages, as well as the logistical details of the venue, etc. We did this for each subsequent EWC meeting, and we also translated the resulting summaries of the meetings afterwards. By using the same translators for each meeting, we were able to maintain consistency year on year, which our client appreciated.


The delegates were drawn from eight countries, but not everyone spoke English. Therefore, we assembled a team of interpreters for the required language combinations, with all the interpreters having several years’ experience of industrial-relations negotiation. Our interpreters were also willing to interpret during the social events around the negotiations, which made the meeting much more enjoyable for all involved. Again, we were able to secure the same interpreters for each subsequent meeting, which was to our client’s delight.

Global Lingo was also able to provide all the necessary equipment for the interpreting team. At the hotel venue, we set up soundproof booths for the interpreters at the back of the room, who communicated to the delegates through infrared equipment (our client was pleased not to have wires all over their desks).


After the meetings, the client’s HR managers needed a transcript of the full meeting. This was no problem for us, and our on-site writer ensured that every comment was correctly attributed to delegates whose names were spelled correctly. As transcription is one of our core services, rather than an adjunct to translation, quality was guaranteed. Our accurate and fluent transcript was an essential part of HR’s management of the process.

Summary Writing

Our client also sought a more concise written record of the meeting, so we were able to provide a summary. The transcript of the two‑day meeting ran to several hundred pages, but our writer was able to condense this to a 20‑page summary for easy distribution to delegates and constituents. Thanks to our writer’s experience of EWC meetings, every substantive point was captured in a stylish and accessible document.

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