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Transcripts for Events Organisers

Our client stages frequent day-long conferences on key issues in finance, politics and law. After the events, our client needed transcripts for distribution via its website. The presentations and discussions had to be captured in full, with all comments correctly attributed to speakers, with no typographical errors and with speech rendered fluently. Given the volume of conferences, our client also needed a partner that could turnaround many hours of meeting time without sacrificing quality. With its huge writer base of talented transcribers, Global Lingo was able to achieve this, producing a transcript ready to be published online on delivery that reflected our client’s high standards.

Summaries for Events Organisers

Our client had just staged a day-long conference on insurance practices and needed a written report for publication. The document had to be written with verve without losing any of the interesting points raised at the conference. Global Lingo was able to achieve this, producing a report ready to be published on delivery. The presentations were rendered concisely and the essence of the discussions was captured stylishly.

Translation for Events Organisers

Our client, a conference company, required the translation of all its pre-event documentation into several European languages. This included the conference programme, letters to attendees and PowerPoint slides. As each conference was on a different topic, our client needed a partner large enough to accommodate specialist translators in diverse fields. Much of the material, especially the presenters’ slides, was only available at short notice, so our client needed reliably quick translation as well. With Global Lingo’s international network of expert translators, none of this was a problem.

Conference Interpreting

An events-management company approached us to support an international IT symposium being staged in Madrid. The attendees had travelled from across the globe, and not everyone spoke English or Spanish. In fact, once second languages had been taken into account, the presentations – all in English – had to be interpreted into five separate languages. Therefore, we assembled a team of interpreters for the required language combinations, with all the interpreters having several years’ experience of IT translation. Our interpreters were also willing to interpret during the social events around the symposium, which made the meeting much more enjoyable for all involved.

Global Lingo was additionally able to provide all the necessary equipment for the interpreting team. At the convention-centre venue, we set up soundproof booths for the interpreters backstage, who communicated to the audience through infrared equipment. Our client was particularly relieved at not having to construct and manage this themselves.

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Vendor Spring Newsletter

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