Mishcon de Reya has offices in London and New York. Founded by Victor Mishcon in a one-room office in Brixton in 1937, the firm now employs more than 500 people, with over 300 lawyers offering a wide range of legal services to companies and individuals. Mishcon de Reya has been using Global Lingo legal translation services for several years. Specifically, we translate contracts, case reports and testimonies utilising our specialist teams of legal translators and proof-readers to ensure this legally-sensitive material is accurately translated and, where required, legally certified.

Mishcon de Reya


The growing market of high-value foreign nationals purchasing property in the UK was a huge opportunity for Mishcon de Reya, specifically among citizens of the growing economic nations of China and Russia.

An English language guide to the tax laws relevant to purchasing high value property in the UK already existed. To influence potential foreign buyers to use their legal services, Mishcon elected to translate their UK Tax Guide into the native languages of their target markets:

  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese


When Mishcon de Reya approached Global Lingo about this project, we suggested that, due to the legal details contained in the guides, they would require teams of linguists with very specific experience in UK property law. In this case, we found linguists who were specialist lawyers or had paralegal backgrounds.

We assembled test pieces in each of the language combinations from our pool of pre-vetted linguists and submitted these to the customer’s in-house review team. From this pool, they selected the linguists they felt best suited the tone and style they required.

Having a team like this ensures that the final translations have a consistent tone of voice. Should future translations be required, this same team will work on the project, meaning that the copy across the pieces will have the same feel.

In addition to the translation aspect of this project, we also handled the Desktop Publishing elements. The source documents were supplied to Global Lingo as InDesign files, and our file engineers extracted the text for the linguists to work on.

Once the cycle of translation, proofreading and editing was completed to the customer’s satisfaction, the final copy was applied to the Desktop Publishing file and a final in-context proofread is carried out to ensure there were no copy-fitting issues prior to delivery of print-ready files.
The multi-lingual marketing materials now available to the lawyers and Business Development team at Mishcon de Reya have enabled them to make connections and build relationships with clients and intermediaries which would have been much more difficult to create prior to the translations being completed.

As well as being used as one-to-one sales tools, the brochures have also been utilised at international exhibitions and added to their website as downloadable PDFs.

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