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Why we offer translation services in Singapore

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A question we’re often asked is “Why do you offer translation services in Singapore?” It’s a very good question too. The Asian Pacific has some of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and with the global downturn hitting Europe and the USA the hardest, the Far East is the perfect place to open offices.

But why choose Singapore?

For us Singapore was an obvious choice. It’s right at the centre of the Asian financial community due to its historical place as a centre for trade. Singapore’s positioning is a massive bonus too, nestled underneath China, close to India, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia as well as being within a similar time frame to Australia. This all makes it the perfect place to do business.

This position as a centre for trade also makes Singapore the perfect place to require translation services. The number of languages spoken in the area is huge, and with the influence of English and the European languages you can see that translation plays a major role in trade in the area.

The quality of staff we found in Singapore was the main reason for the office opening. We pride ourselves in hiring only the finest people and the Singapore team are definitely that. Global Lingo is well known for delivering high-quality translation, interpreting and transcription services and we’re determined to ensure the same happens in Singapore.

The Singapore team displays all the same traits as the offices in the London and Leeds: a dedication to supplying only the highest possible quality translations at the best possible price.

Our Singapore can help you with any type of language project, from translation to interpreting and transcription to a mix of all three services.

Call the Singapore office today for a free quote on +65 6415 7249.

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