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When machine transcription goes wrong, it can be fun!

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Computer-generated transcription rarely works well. The inaccuracy that results from trusting technology to handle the nuances and subtleties of language has been well documented. Relying on machines to perform tasks that require a high level of understanding can lead to multiple errors; the results too often exposing the limitations of technological advancements.

Rhett and Link take it to the next level

Taking a lighter look at the subject of machines’ mistakes are Rhett and Link, a pair of “Internetainers” whose series of YouTube videos lead to their fame and (one imagines) fortune. In a series of ‘Caption Fails’ the pair test out YouTube’s caption function, demonstrating a computer’s inability to comprehend the scripts of basic narratives. ‘Jamaican Vacation’ (below) is a personal favourite.

Human transcription can’t be beaten

Rhett and Link’s comedy here rests on technology’s failings. Global Lingo, on the other hand, relies on human intelligence. We provide a highly accurate service using skilled writers and editors, who are trained to take meticulous care in producing transcripts and summaries of the highest standards.

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