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Legal firms making the most of international opportunities

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Our planet has become a much smaller place over recent decades. The most obvious area is within travel and tourism, where people now view any destination as a potential holiday, no matter how far flung.

Airlines, tourist boards and hotel groups have quickly moved to target customers in foreign markets over the last decade. In doing so, they realised that speaking to them in their local language was crucial. Nowadays it is normal to see an airline’s website in 20+ languages – in fact it’s now the rule, where once it was the exception.

Where travel started, law firms are now following

Business in other sectors has also followed the same trend and it isn’t just typical import/export industries that use native translations to attract a wider audience. Logically the legal sector was always set to follow suit as international trade and movement inevitably leads to international laws coming into play, and potentially being broken or challenged.

UK law firms big and small are now seeing the value and growth potential in possessing the ability to manage international cases. Whether it’s relating to international business mergers, immigration, international fraud or even family law, the ability to understand evidence and case material in an ever increasing number of languages is vital.

Our specialist legal translators make all the difference

Global Lingo uses specialist legal linguists to manage these growing concerns for a range of law firms and legal departments of multi-national companies. We offer everything from specialist legal translations in over 140 languages, to English and foreign transcriptions of arbitrations/interviews. We even offer face-to-face interpreters with trial experience for court proceedings.

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