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How to sell to men, especially at Christmas

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I’ve just been doing some last-minute shopping in Leeds. The present I needed was for a girl so I’d decided I was going to Lush and I’d already set my budget in my head.

So I parked up, a miracle in its own right, and headed straight for Lush; my focus was to get in and out as quickly as possible, typical male shopper.

When I got to the shop it was a mass of colours, smells and hoards of Christmas shoppers. Within seconds of entering I was approached by a female shop assistant who said, You look at bit lost; can I help you? I said thanks but I’d be fine. I started to look at the various boxes of soap, shampoo, lotions etc. and yes, I was lost.

Another assistant approached me and asked the same question. She then went to the next stages of making a sale, asking:

  • Who the present was for?
  • Was it the main gift?
  • What was my budget?
  • I wanted to impress, didn’t I?

Having set all these key points in my mind, she then picked a box slightly over the budget I told her and proceeded to tell me all the items which were in the package. Lush’s products are amazing and varied so she had a lot to tell me about, which she did brilliantly. She told me what was in the products – porridge was in one! – what they did, and how the lady in question should use them.

She gave me all the information which would make me an expert when I handed over the gift. She sold me them and gave me the power to sell it on and spread the word about Lush and why they’re such a great company (which is what I’m doing now).

All this paid off: I bought the box she’d expertly sold me, upped my budget and walked away delighted at the great choice I’d made! What a brilliant sale.

I asked if she was on commission. No, we do it because we love the products, without a hint of irony.

This in my humble opinion is the perfect way to make a sale and is a great example to anyone trying to sell anything. Sell to the customer’s needs and wants; your products or services are a means to their ends, not the other way around.

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