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How many languages does your business support?

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The new Windows phone from Microsoft will support 80 languages, how many does your company support?

The new Windows Phone 8 was announced on June 20th. With this launch Microsoft will expand the number of languages supported from 25 languages currently to a total of 50 including Arabic, Farsi and Turkish.

In addition, the Windows Phone store for downloading apps and games, Marketplace, will expand to support downloads in over 180 countries.

How many languages does your business support?

If the answer is only one, then can you see why you’re not Microsoft? Of course supporting 50 languages and 180 countries is pretty extreme and most large companies would struggle to manage that many languages. There’s no need to suddenly have all your material translated into so many language either.

As with most things, it makes sense to test the water.

Take a look at your website statistics to help choose the right language to have translated

If you have a quick look at your website statistics, ask your marketing team if you don’t know how to do that. Are all your visitors coming from English speaking countries? If not take a look at where they are from and work out which language matches those visitors.

Once you’ve done that get your web team to design a landing page in that language ideally linked from the home page. Make sure you put a contact from on there so they can get in touch.

If that generates some interest then maybe you should look into it a little further? Maybe a translated PDF leaflet so they can download more information?

First impressions count

Of course you need to ensure you use a professional translator, we can help you there. It’s very tempting to just stick your landing page copy into Google translate, but to be honest it’s free and you get what you pay for. First impressions count, a badly translated landing page will mean that your test won’t work. If you thought it was a bad idea, you’ll prove yourself right. So give your test a chance and use a professional.

Of course we’re more than happy to help you and discuss your particular translation needs, not matter what the languages or subject matter.

Image courtesy of Windows Phone Blog.

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