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Good bye to Global Lingo and on to pastures new…

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After three months it’s sadly time to say goodbye, but since joining the team in January as a PR and Marketing intern what have I learnt?

What haven’t I learnt!

My daily tasks have ranged from reading the news to proofreading colleagues work; reporting what’s hot in Singapore to contacting journalists. I have learnt a variety of skills that I hope to apply in my future career.

Before joining Global Lingo, although I was particularly interested in current affairs, I had never read a blog! Yet three months on I have learnt to regularly update the Global Lingo blog, discussing interesting language debates and examining trending topics.

I have blogged about a huge variety of subjects, from Megan Fox’s mistranslations and ‘chicken without sex life’ in Beijing, to more significant issues such as Quebec’s language conflict and endangered languages.

Tweet, tweet

Jade and Simone

My first days were spent painstakingly attempting to condense my tweets down to the all important, (yet ever distant) goal of 140 characters. Now, compared to the novice I was in January, I consider myself a bit of a social networking whiz!

Apart from the skills I have gained and a deeper understanding of PR and Marketing, I will take two particular things away from my time at Global Lingo: A better understanding of the career path I’d like to follow, and the type of company I hope to work for.

As although I was only ever a visitor passing through, everyone at Global Lingo have been warm and welcoming and have taken the time to get to know me. I hope that the career path I take will not be too dissimilar to my time spent here and allows me to work in an equally friendly environment as that of Global Lingo.

Thank you

Thank you to Richard for giving me the opportunity to shadow him, for passing on some of his knowledge and for his patience (at my endless questions!). And thank you to rest of the team for a great experience.

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