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First day at the office, the new Intern

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Today is my first day as an Intern, my first insight into the Marketing and PR real working world. After sitting in lecture theatres and nose diving into books for the past two years it really is a breath of fresh air to actually make sense of all that I have learnt.

It is daunting (see sweaty palms) being the new girl, but everyone here at Global lingo has been very welcoming so far (I just hope I can remember everyone’s name) and I am getting less nervous and more excited to get my teeth into my new role as the day goes on.

The do’s, the don’ts… What the next three months entail

Zoe Creasser

As a PR & Marketing intern my job is to help increase the recognition of Global Lingo, to blog, tweet, share and like to my heart’s content about all that is current and interesting in the translation, interpreting and transcription world.

Starting, as an out and proud social network “addict” I was already familiar with the different platforms available. Although I personally use these tools every single day, I was shocked as at the scope of social media, how (if implemented properly and professionally) powerful and effective it is and how influential it can be to a company’s success.

By embracing every aspect of social media I hope to increase awareness of Global Lingo and ensure it’s the company people to go to for language services.

I have spent my first morning at Global Lingo finding my bearings and familiarising myself with the technology, past blogs, news platforms and of course the social networking sites. It is now time for me to delve into the “real” world of PR & Marketing.

I’d never written a blog before either…

…Wish me luck

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