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BBC World Service is to extend its UK election coverage across its 32 language services

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BBC World Service is to extend its UK election coverage across its 32 language services, with its international correspondents reporting campaign developments.

The multimedia coverage will examine the implications of the possible election outcome on countries including China, Ukraine, Burma, India, Albania, Indonesia, Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh.

The British general election is of huge interest to audiences around the world who want to discuss and debate the impact the UK votes may have on their lives“, said Peter Horrocks, director, BBC Global News, in a release.

The BBC’s international multimedia services have gathered the thoughts, hopes and fears of other countries, while reflecting the excitement of this race to a global audience.

On BBC Arabic, for example, correspondents will be gathering the opinions of Arab and Islamic communities in the UK during election day, the BBC has outlined. A multimedia broadcast will feature representatives from the main parties, with young British Arabs participating through webcams.

On 7 May, when the result has been announced, the BBC Arabic multimedia interactive programme, Nuqtat Hewar, will feature a studio audience of British Arabs discussing the result, and the possible impact on their lives.

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