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‘Arguably’; ‘you know’; ‘kind of’; ‘to be honest’ – The English language’s most misused words

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Clumsy and incorrect words are littering the English language. According to Tony Thorne, Language consultant at King’s College, London and his article written in The Sun, there is a growing trend of slang and misused words which clutter language today.

‘‘That cross to Rooney was literally on a plate’’

Actually the ball wasn’t on a plate it was ‘literally’ in the air. This statement by Jamie Redknapp is a typical example of how words in the English language can be used incorrectly, a growing trend among younger generations.

Hesitation markers encumber speech, when someone wishes to pause they replace the break with ‘like’ or ‘sort of’. The use of these words is making the speaker appear unclear when often they are actually trying to assert themselves.

Our summarised transcription service ‘literally’ removes the wasted words

At Global Lingo we use highly skilled writers to produce transcripts of your meetings. Our writers can produce verbatim transcripts which will include all the hesitation markers, or we can produce a summarised transcription which will tidy up the document, taking out any unnecessary or misused terms. This banishes all the ‘likes’, ‘sort ofs’ or ‘kind ofs’ from sight, making your final document perfect for publication.

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