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  • What not to wear at work

    Religious clothing is no longer acceptable at work and you’d pretty much be resigning yourself to being issued with a P45 if you continuously choose to pitch up at work in a skirt that barely covers your thighs and an emblazoned t-shirt expressing your political views. It’s no longer cool or legal, it appears to express yourself by choosing risky or religious clothing to work. more..

  • Why is HR a hated profession?

    Radio 4 recently listed HR as the second most loathed profession. The primary reason for this is that they are seen as the executioner of jobs. When it comes to the day that someone with a job must learn that they don’t have one anymore – it’s HR’s job to deliver the bad news. The messenger instantly is framed as the perpetrator of the decision – so what are the other reasons HR is disliked? more..

  • Is Time Management a Waste of Time?

    “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a fictional character with a very real problem – an anxiety over time. We’re all guilty of being in the clutches of this age-old paranoia – there’s not enough, we worry that we are running out of it and, we are not quite sure how to manage it when we do have it. Yet is trying to ‘manage and bottle it,’ just a waste of the very thing we are trying to tame? more..

  • Gigs Look Set to Rise with Half of HR Promising to Hire more Temps

    I am a freelancer. That’s it, full stop. If you are a glass half full kind of person then you’ll be looking at all the shiny benefits up for grab; more flexibility, the chance to unload the dishwasher and get paid in between, the opportunity to work where and when you want, no-one to say you can or can’t take a day, week, a year off, the option to dabble in entrepreneurship, write a novel, become a master chef. There is of course the small matter of pay. It’s kind of fair – you get paid for what you do, it’s the ‘does what it says on the tin’ kind of a deal, no less, no more. If you are, however, a glass half empty sort of a person, you may be forgiven for being terrified at the mere thought that your salary could go up and down like a rollercoaster on acid, not to mention you’ll forever be on the lookout for your next piece of the salary pie, endlessly seeking your next gig, sadly without the rock star attached. more..

  • New Year, New HR Job

    It’s transfer season. So, you’re the newbie again and even those with nerves of steel would be forgiven for feeling a little jittery at the whole prospect of starting over but it’s time to remember why you were excited when you saw the initial job advert and what the trigger was for leaving your old business behind in the first place. It can be particularly challenging for those in HR because after all you’re supposed to be the people management and onboarding experts. Feeling nervous when your job involves inducting other new starters into their jobs or advising managers that have been there for as long as the business has been, is a strange space to inhabit so you need to shake off those first day nerves quickly and get to grips with your new challenges, colleagues and business strategy and, prove to the senior team that they were right in picking you for the role. Here’s some tips on how to get up to speed quickly. more..

  • Christmas card etiquette

    If you are tempted to write to a client to sweeten the relationship, or pen a card to your colleague, boss, your pals or your family, then do so, but make sure you don’t offend rather than endear them in the process. more..

  • The Investigatory Powers Bill: a controversial security measure

    “The UK has just legalised the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy. It goes farther than many autocracies” Edward Snowden tweeted on the 17th of November. He was referring to the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) that – following agreement by both Houses – received Royal Assent on the 29th of November.

    The Bill is now an Act of Parliament – therefore, it’s law. A law on the control of communications that was led to the final approval phase without too much noise and among the docility of the parliamentary opposition. Apple, Google and Twitter, among others, opposed the legislative plan, which according to Twitter could have implications for its customers, for the citizens, and for the future of the worldwide technology industry. more..

  • Secret Santa Gifting Guidance

    The possibility of offending, ridiculing, disappointing or embarrassing your colleagues with an inappropriate Secret Santa gift this Christmas far outweighs the chances of impressing or landing a promotion. Here is some gifting guidance. more..

  • Beware Donald Trump: Employees don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers

    It’s a new era where you can no longer take anything for granted, ‘marmite – love them, or loathe them’ candidates are winning US Presidential elections, Brexit did happen and the moon has come in for a closer inspection to see just what is happening on planet earth; it’s no wonder that employees too are deciding to jump ship after only ninety days in a job but are they leaving the job or are they ditching you? more..

  • Brexit: a Royal Prerogative? Apparently Not.

    On the 3rd of November, the British High Court ruled that the conservative government would not be able to start the procedures to leave the European Union without consulting parliament.

    At this news, the exchange rate between pound and dollar immediately touched its highest peak in nearly a month, passing the threshold of 1.24 and rising to close at 1.25, while the overall impact on the financial markets was positive – despite the tensions of the US presidential election.

    Why such a positive reaction from investors? What does this concretely change? more..

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