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  • Christmas card etiquette

    If you are tempted to write to a client to sweeten the relationship, or pen a card to your colleague, boss, your pals or your family, then do so, but make sure you don’t offend rather than endear them in the process. more..

  • The Investigatory Powers Bill: a controversial security measure

    “The UK has just legalised the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy. It goes farther than many autocracies” Edward Snowden tweeted on the 17th of November. He was referring to the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) that – following agreement by both Houses – received Royal Assent on the 29th of November.

    The Bill is now an Act of Parliament – therefore, it’s law. A law on the control of communications that was led to the final approval phase without too much noise and among the docility of the parliamentary opposition. Apple, Google and Twitter, among others, opposed the legislative plan, which according to Twitter could have implications for its customers, for the citizens, and for the future of the worldwide technology industry. more..

  • Vendor Winter Newsletter

    We’ve published the second of our quarterly Vendor Newsletters.

    This issue introduces more of our team, looks at what makes a good CV and gives a great visual explanation of how time zones work.

    Click here to view the Winter edition of the Vendor Newsletter

  • Secret Santa Gifting Guidance

    The possibility of offending, ridiculing, disappointing or embarrassing your colleagues with an inappropriate Secret Santa gift this Christmas far outweighs the chances of impressing or landing a promotion. Here is some gifting guidance. more..

Vendor Spring Newsletter

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Vendor Spring Newsletter

The Global Lingo Vendor Management Team is happy to release the third edition of the Vendor Newsletter. This issue introduces more of our team and is mostly focused on how to improve efficiency as a translator and transcriber. Click here to view the Spring edition of the Vendor Newsletter

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